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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cold Sore Treatment - Know Various Cold Sore Stages Before Opting Treatment(fast cold sore treatment)

fast cold sore treatment

Cold Sores First Stage:

The herpes virus lives, becomes active and moves in your nerve fibers to target areas to start its activity. This will be the first attack of the herpes virus. Under opportunistic conditions the virus will get replicate and get ready to shoot the sight. At this movement you will sense symptoms like burning, itching, tingling at the target area.

This stage will last for few hours to 2 days. If you act quickly at this stage and can prevent virus to proceed further. Apply ice at first sign of tingling for 15-20 minutes, repeat frequently through out the day. Apply vitamin E between applications.

Cold Sores Second Stage:

During the second stage, the cold sore symptoms will appear like a pimple or red swollen bumps at target area. These pimples are quite painful to touch. They are filled up with the virus causing the swelling of the area.

Cold Sores Third Stage:

Cold sores open up and fluid filled in is oozing out causing infection at a new site or spreading the infection to the person who comes in contact. At this stage the immune system starts working on the site.

Cold Sores Fourth Stage:

Replacement of the damaged cells begins. At this stage you may continue feeling mild fever, headache, runny nose and painful lymph nodes. These symptoms subside frequently each day by now on.

Cold Sores Fifth Stage:

At this stage the process of healing is at its peak and a scab will fall off revealing new skin. A small pink spots will appear at the site of infection showing the process of healing. The redness must have gone before you are totally clear.

Generally Cold Sore Symptoms lasts for few days to 2 weeks and usually starts heal on their own with in a few days. Any one with cold sore will have the same set of symptoms or slightly differ. The quicker you can heal your cold sore symptoms, and the fewer you get.

fast cold sore treatment